A picture of Joe in Alaska

Me in Glacier Bay, AK 2019

Hi, I’m Joe, I’ve been writing code since I was 11 or 12, and have been lucky enough to make an income from it since I was 13/14. I’m now pushing 30, and I’m still learning things every single day. If you follow me on Twitter you will see I’m often quite negative towards writing code, sometimes sarcastically so, and sometimes because I’m just fed up or burnt out.

That said, I find the most important job I have isn’t writing code, it’s shipping code that delivers value, and code only delivers value if it works and is accessible. Operability, Accessibility and Testability need to be first class citizens in any software project. This is where software becomes interesting again.

Not only do I appreciate the technical side of building good software, I see value in focusing on the social side, allowing individuals and teams to thrive. Every single person is unique, with different stories to tell. Teams exist to accomplish more than an individual ever could, and with that we observe a plethora of social issues that need to be addressed. Building software is a socio-technical problem, and when you consider all the different aspects of that, it is incredibly interesting.

Outside of the software stuff, I enjoy photography (though, still learning the different aspects of it!), I’ll try to use my own images for the “banners” where appropriate on this site. The default “banner” image is of Crater Lake, a shot I took in summer 2019. I haven’t edited it at all (not even lens correction) - I’ve got over 4000 photographs to sort through and edit, I’ll get to it eventually.

I often try to take my mind off of work with learning to play, and practicing different musical instruments, at time of writing I can play Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Ukulele and a Mandolin. I am considering getting a wind instrument and/or drum set in the future.

I’m also always up for a hike, and I’m incredibly lucky to live in Yorkshire which is one of the more naturally beautiful areas of England. I’m also lucky enough to have hiked large parts of the Appalachian Trail in the US, as well as countless national parks across the US. This compliments my photography hobby quite nicely!

Finally, I try to support live music as much as I can, from travelling across the country to see a band I heard once, to often visiting local venues and checking out what the local music scene is like.

That’s it for me, if you’d like to contact me feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @Joe_Stead